wild hackney

first meeting of the wild hackney project this thursday!

thanks to everyone who has got behind the project, we have had great press, lots of discussion on blogs and shoreditch radio has even given us on air advertising!

follow us on twitter for up to the minute details on the project and for info on how to the get to Fellows Street Commmunity Centre, Weymouth Terrace, E2 8LR click here

The Wild Hackney project was created our of concern for the sanitisation of our neighbourhoods. We were inspired by the number of people who were cross about the banksy on church street getting blitzed, the 2000 who responded to the threat to the rabbit at The Premises Studio and the friends of Ridley Road who want to keep it rough around the edges.

Our first campaign is to lobby Hackney Council about a new approach to graffiti that goes beyond paint it black by providing them with a policy written by local residents.

The first meeting of the project will be on the 2nd of December at the Fellows Court Community Centre from 6.30 with the beginnings of an art catalogue for Hackney, discussion on how we think street art should be dealt and excepts from doco films created about the ROA rabbit.

Beyond this Wild Hackney is also campaigning to keep all the things that put the love into Hackney - old shop fronts, the remnants of old signs on brick walls and the spaces in between.